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I met Anita while I was travelling in Central America. We were on the same bus for a city tour. Anita is from Puerto-Rico, in her mid fifties, carrying a PhD title and working in research in the local University. She was a vivid participant in the chat on the bus but when the chat [...]

The Indian Boy

Eli Katz, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, expert in fatherhood and adolescence. In his book “Let Them Fly” which is dedicated to the relationships between parents and youngsters, he tells this personal touching story: I was only 25 years-old, few years after I was released from the army, a backpacker that was travelling on his [...]

Spend Time With Your Boddies

The following excerpt will probably be controversial, yet it is interesting food for thought. It is taken from the book “Don’t Sweat the Small stuff – for Men” by Richard Carlson Ph.D:  A number of married women have told me that, once their relationship became committed, their husband or boyfriend rarely, if ever, spends time [...]