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To love what there is

This week was Valentine’s week and just about two weeks ago Ajita told something interesting about love. Ajita was our local guide for one day in Cochin, a port city in the state of Kerala in south India. She is a fascinating woman in her early 40’s, married and a mother of 2 daughters. She is a [...]

“Fireworks” are Moving to a New Location

To all my friends who receive the English version of the “Fireworks”, For quite a while many of my younger friends have been trying to convince me to leave behind the Word attachments that I send and move the “Fireworks” to a blog. That way, they said, people can log in whenever they receive a [...]

Bring Genteelness to Your Driving

I always thought that the way people drive in Israel is uncivilized until I had the chance to drive a small motorcycle for few days, just a week ago, in the south of India. Watching the crazy traffic in India and the never-ending blowing horns, triggered me to pause and think – can we change [...]