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Show Interest in Your Parents

My daughter, Batel, sent to me this story that she found on the net (“Afterhours Inspirational Stories” – AAA Dad). It might serve as a wake-up call to many of us:   For 52 years my father got up every morning at 5:30 a.m., except Sunday, and went to work. For 52 years he returned [...]

Random Acts of Kindness

The firework I’m sending today, the Hebrew version, is about a very local issue and, therefore, I found it difficult to create a similar English version. Instead, I’m sharing with you something else that I’ve read and that I liked: There is a bumper sticker that has been out for some time now. You see [...]

More about Fatherhood

Today, when all four of my kids are grown up, I find precious moments of happiness in one-on-one rendezvous that I have with them or their spouses. It can be watching a ball game together or a having a personal chat in a restaurant over a glass of wine, or simply them approaching me to [...]