About Shuka Di-nur

Shuka Dinur

Formally educated in accounting and economics, I served as a senior executive and Chief Financial Officer of industrial corporations in Israel, USA and China for over 30 years. In the last 10 years I had beeen exposed to the coaching world, went through intensive training over a few years, and since then I have also been serving as a personal and executive coach.
In 2004, while serving as a senior executive in a high-tech company, I started to send a short, one-page weekly letter to my employees, just before the end of the work week. In this letter I shared with them things that I’ve read or personal experiences that I thought will touch them, move them, serve as food for thought, or allow them to see things from a different, new perspective.
The original list of 30 employees gradually grew to include hundreds – family, friends, colleagues and many others that I don’t personally know but had asked to be added. Today I send the “Fireworks” on Thursdays, every other week, just before the weekend, in Hebrew and in English. This is the story behind this blog.

Few years ago it caught the attention of one of Israel’s radio national stations and they offered me a 5-10 minutes weekly spot where I share my thought and the “Fireworks”.

The title of this blog – “Fireworks” – comes from my family name. Nur in ancient Hebrew as well as in Arabic means ‘fire’, and Di-nur in Hebrew means ‘of fire’ . In any case I sent those ‘fireworks’ to shed some light on life issues, so I thought the name serves the purpose well… 

(The picture was taken by Mr. Shlomo Arditi)