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I’m Taking a Break

My Dear friends, After sending these “Fireworks” (the English version) for a few years and due to the need to concentrate on some other commitments that I have now, I’m taking a break from my biweekly commitment for a while. I will keep on with the Hebrew version of the “Fireworks”. Once in a while, If you [...]

Woman’s Day

Just recently the world celebrated the International Woman’s Day. It is an excellent opportunity to bring back this personal experience of mine that I’ve shared about 5 years ago with the then small distribution list I had, before the blog went up on the air. You may find it debatable but still interesting food for thought. I’ll take [...]

To Skip a Generation

One afternoon, while driving, I was listening to a local radio talk-show led by a therapist. A man was on the line seeking advice. He had just decided to bequeath all of his assets to his grandkids since his relationships with his kids were not so good. This reminded me of a very cute experience [...]