Don’t Just Hope

I have a warm spot in my heart for couples who grow together with love. I’m less excited about young couples in love or in their weddings, as I always wonder: ‘how long will it last?’  But when I meet couples who are married for many years and they still hold hands or sneak love [...]

House on Fire

I bumped into this interesting story on an internet site called “Afterhours Inspirational Stories”. Here is a short version of the story: A couple, whom we shall call John and Mary, had a nice home and two lovely children. John had a good job and had just been asked to go on a business trip [...]

Show Interest in Your Parents

My daughter, Batel, sent to me this story that she found on the net (“Afterhours Inspirational Stories” – AAA Dad). It might serve as a wake-up call to many of us:   For 52 years my father got up every morning at 5:30 a.m., except Sunday, and went to work. For 52 years he returned [...]