Don’t Just Hope

I have a warm spot in my heart for couples who grow together with love. I’m less excited about young couples in love or in their weddings, as I always wonder: ‘how long will it last?’  But when I meet couples who are married for many years and they still hold hands or sneak love [...]

Lose the Laundry List

Instead of a story I’ll share with you this week a nice concept about the ‘laundry list’ that we gradually develop regarding our life partner and why it is crucial to lose it. It is taken from the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…. For Couples”: It is impossible for life partners not to develop [...]


Tal Ben-Shachar, PhD. is a reputable lecturer in Harvard and thousands of students are gathering to hear him. Listen to story he tells about Marva Collins: Marva Collins was a teacher in a very bad neighborhood in Chicago, a place rich with crime and drugs but poor with optimism and hope. The local educators felt [...]