Start All Over Again

I met Maria Ventrone in Tuscany, Italy. A couple, good friends of us, called us one day: “We are planning a trip to Tuscany, Italy. We found a charming boutique hotel, ‘Relais Villa Belpoggio’ in the Chianti area. Come and join us.” We are easy to be convinced and so was another couple, so very [...]

Managers who leave Impact

I’m a great believer in the management style that is at ‘eye level’, humane, empowering and inspiring. Unfortunately, I can’t say that such type of managers are always leading successful organizations, or that, in general, a humane and understanding attitude of executives is the code for success. Nevertheless, I’ll keep on believing in it, anyway. [...]

Walk through Life

A lot has been written and said about success, about what motivates winners, and the importance of focus, drive and eagerness in order to win first prize. My daughter, Batel, sent me a link to this small story from a British internet site that sheds a different, more balanced light on the issue. In old [...]