Warmth of a Parent

I’ve never personally met Dr Rafi Romano.¬† I knew that he is in his early fifties, a good father to 4 children, a reputable orthodontist and a wanted lecturer. We had once a debate on the mail on the “impact of parents’ attitude on behaviour patterns of their kids when they mature” and Dr Romano [...]

Learning to Listen

Much was written and spoken about listening, yet lack of listening, though not admitted, is something we are all afflicted by. Listen to this short version of a nice story that I found on the net: We all know what it’s like to get a phone call in the middle of the night. ¬†This night’s [...]

To acknowledge

It is not the first time that this thought crosses my mind: how quick we are in criticizing and complaining and how stingy we are in acknowledging and praising others. Listen to this story, of my own personal experience: Last summer my wife and I along with another couple were travelling in Ireland. Ireland had [...]