Lost and Found

Letters, for many of us, (and I don’t mean letters from the bank or from the tax authorities) are something with a scent of old times. It was something that poets used to send to their beloved ones and soldiers in the frontier to their dears. I will admit that I was also attached to [...]

Dreams in a Scrap of Tin

It is very clear today that educating girls boosts prosperity and that it is probably the single best investment that can be made in the developing world. Not only are better-educated women more productive, but also they raise healthier, better-educated children. In this respect listen to this unique life story that was revealed in one [...]

Michal’s Mom

I met Michal in a professional seminar in one of Tel-Aviv’s beach hotels. During one of the breaks, drinking coffee and watching the wintery-sunny beach, we had an acquaintance chat.  Michal is in her forties, nice looking and well expressed, she is an internal decorator, happily married plus four kids. When the conversation turned to [...]