Our Desire To Be Loved

I met Shosh in a foot medical centre. I had a problem with one of my foot nails and I was sent there for a couple of treatments. “You better ask for Shosh” they suggested.   I arrived with a book under my arm, my favourite weapon against queues, and Shosh – a pleasant woman who [...]

The Last Tango

Just recently, a good friend of mine celebrated his 60th birthday. While I browsed a bookstore looking for a nice intelligent book to pamper him with, I came across the book “About the Really Important Things” by Dr. Haim Shapira.  Dr. Shapira is a highly sought after lecturer in the field of game theory.  “Well, [...]

Managers who leave Impact

I’m a great believer in the management style that is at ‘eye level’, humane, empowering and inspiring. Unfortunately, I can’t say that such type of managers are always leading successful organizations, or that, in general, a humane and understanding attitude of executives is the code for success. Nevertheless, I’ll keep on believing in it, anyway. [...]