The Last Tango

Just recently, a good friend of mine celebrated his 60th birthday. While I browsed a bookstore looking for a nice intelligent book to pamper him with, I came across the book “About the Really Important Things” by Dr. Haim Shapira.  Dr. Shapira is a highly sought after lecturer in the field of game theory.  “Well, [...]

Equal Distribution

I want to share with you the history of a family whom I know and through that to bring up a sensitive and painful issue. It was and still is a main source of conflicts in many families where ever you look around you. I’m referring to “financial assistance to our children”, and you can [...]

Lose the Laundry List

Instead of a story I’ll share with you this week a nice concept about the ‘laundry list’ that we gradually develop regarding our life partner and why it is crucial to lose it. It is taken from the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…. For Couples”: It is impossible for life partners not to develop [...]