I’m Taking a Break

My Dear friends, After sending these “Fireworks” (the English version) for a few years and due to the need to concentrate on some other commitments that I have now, I’m taking a break from my biweekly commitment for a while. I will keep on with the Hebrew version of the “Fireworks”. Once in a while, If you [...]

More about Fatherhood

Today, when all four of my kids are grown up, I find precious moments of happiness in one-on-one rendezvous that I have with them or their spouses. It can be watching a ball game together or a having a personal chat in a restaurant over a glass of wine, or simply them approaching me to [...]

“Fireworks” are Moving to a New Location

To all my friends who receive the English version of the “Fireworks”, For quite a while many of my younger friends have been trying to convince me to leave behind the Word attachments that I send and move the “Fireworks” to a blog. That way, they said, people can log in whenever they receive a [...]