Don’t Make Assumptions

Rachel, my daughter-in-law and the mother of my 3 granddaughters, came across a book in the public library, a kind of a collection of educational stories. She borrowed the book, gave it to me and said: “I didn’t read it but I’m sure you can find something there to include in your ‘fireworks’”. And indeed I did find this lovely story:

Two women had a very bad neighborhood relationship for quite a while. One day they finally found time and courage to iron their disagreements and they have decided to renew their relationship in a friendlier manner. So they kissed and hugged and promised each other to create better future in their relationship.

The day after, while one of the women was drinking her morning coffee looking out of the kitchen’s window, she noticed her dog coming from her neighbor’s yard holding in his mouth and dragging on the soil a kind of a white object. When the dog came closer she noticed with agitation that the object in his mouth is nothing else but her neighbor’s beloved white rabbit pet, completely dead.

“Oh no,” she mumbles to herself. “After so many years of bad blood between us we have just now succeeded to bridge all our disagreements, and here my irritating dog finds this wonderful timing to kill her rabbit!” 

She rushes outside, removes with anger the dead rabbit from her dog’s mouth, looks around to be sure that nobody sees her, and she sneaks into her house with the dead rabbit in her lap.

Inside her home she puts the rabbit on the floor and then she cleans its fur from the soil, washes the dirty spots and then she dries and brushes the fur. Quietly she walks to the back yard of her neighbor, her yesterday’s opponent and today’s friend, and she puts gently the “renewed” rabbit in his cage. She closes the cage door and quietly, while still nobody notices her, she walks back to her house.

After about an hour she hears panic screams from her neighbor’s house. She runs out and bumps into her neighbor that looks pail and scared like she saw something from the outer world. “What happened?” she asks.

“I can’t believe,” the neighbor mumbles “Just a week ago my white rabbit died and I buried him in my back yard. Few minutes ago he returned back into his cage!”

 (From the book “Puppies for sale” by Dan Clark. All rights reserved.)

I’ve already mentioned in the past the Mexican author Don Miguel Ruis who wrote in his book “The 4 agreements” about our natural inclination to make assumptions about almost everything. The problem is that we believe that these assumptions are true. We can swear in God that they are true. “Don’t assume,” he says. 

And truly, how many times we made assumptions and we didn’t even  know that our assumptions were wrong since the neighbor didn’t run out to tell us that the dead rabbit is back in the cage….?

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Shuka from San Jose Costa Rica,
Thursday, June 25, 2009

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