“Fireworks” are Moving to a New Location

To all my friends who receive the English version of the “Fireworks”,

For quite a while many of my younger friends have been trying to convince me to leave behind the Word attachments that I send and move the “Fireworks” to a blog. That way, they said, people can log in whenever they receive a message about a new post, read it in a more professional design, and easily browse through previous posts, as all posts will be kept on the blog history.

It took me some time but finally I realized that I can’t fight technological changes, and I started seeing the advantages of such a blog. So few months ago I moved  to a blog with my Hebrew version and now it is about time to move to an English blog, as well (www.fireworks.dinur.name).

Rani Einav, a good friend of my son and an expert in internet websites, created and designed the blog for me and also agreed to create a tool through which people can send me a direct and personal note in case they don’t want their comments to be a public domain. So we can gain both, be a public domain, yet keep an option of a private way of communication. 

I inserted your names and you are now on the blog’s mailing list. You will now be receiving the fireworks to your mail, as this post, and you’ll be able to read it in the mail, or double click and move into the blog.

Whenever you feel like you have had enough, you can discretely delete yourself from the mailing list, through the blog.

I hope that this transition will go smoothly,

Shuka, February 16, 2010

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