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For many years I have a great affection for Chinese food. Still from the time that China was a kind of an abstract, an unreachable place and all that I knew about Chinese food added up to Chinese restaurants in Israel. In the last decade I was extensively exposed to China and even lived there for a year, so I was introduced to the authentic local Chinese food and my affection grew bigger. Today when I’m travelling, doesn’t matter where, be it Venice, Dublin or New York, a Chinese restaurant that crosses my way, drags me in like a magnet. I’ll give up the local food for the scents and tastes of this Chinese restaurant and for having a chance to change few words in my broken Chinese with the waitress or the owner. Mentioning Chinese restaurants for many people brings up the fortune cookies, so here is a small chapter of wisdom that starts with fortune cookies and ends with ‘why not to count on luck’:

No visit to a Chinese restaurant would be complete without the excitement of opening a fortune cookie. This tradition speaks to our curiosity and need to receive some mystical insight into what future might bring. In matters of love, business, health, relationships and finance, why be logical and rational and rely on the outcome of our own efforts to influence the future when we can receive cryptic, unreliable but sage advice from a fortune cookie?

In any event our life is far too important to relegate it to chance. This requires us to take responsibility, roll up our sleeves and actually get involved in making good things happen for us. There’s a saying: “some people watch things happen, some people make things happen and some people don’t even know what’s happened.” You must be part of the group that makes things happen.

Unfortunately life does not care what happens to you. Life is like a river that keeps flowing regardless of what occurs in your life. Life was here before you were born, it is present now and it will be here after you die. Life is not judgmental. It does not have preferences; it just exists for each of us to do with as we can.

If you wish to be happy you cannot ask life to make you happy. You cannot stand at your window each morning and call out, “life, I want to be happy! I’m ready and waiting!” If you do so, you will not receive an answer. Rather than calling outwardly for some external force to do it for you, you must ask yourself – What do I want and why do I want it? How can I go about getting it and what price am I willing to pay to get it?

Then physically do what it takes and go after it! Or if you feel the price is too high, then leave it alone and move on.

There is no shortcut to happiness, health or success. Wishing, dreaming and hoping only consume valuable time that should be used for working, acting and doing. Accept the fact that you have the power and the tools to positively affect your life and the lives of others.

  (From “Does your life need a laxative?” by Dr. Fred Broder. Copyright c 2006)

And sometimes it’s easier to wait for luck and hope that this will settle your life. As a matter of fact when we move from dreams to actions we are exposed to risks of failures. As someone once said – “The tip of the branch is a very risky spot… but, that’s where all the best fruits are….”

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Shuka, Thursday, July 23, 2009

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