The Gardner

Just recently I returned from a trip to the US. We stayed in a small hotel in Florida and on one of the evenings a seminar was held in the hotel by Dr. Fred Broder, based on his recent book “Does your Life Need a Laxative?” The book deals with practical prescriptions for a better life.
Well, it drew my attention and I decided to go and listen. From this lecture listen to this small and cute story:

A young man steps into a grocery store and asks the person behind the counter if he can use the phone. The store keeper agrees. The young man calls someone and the store keeper overhears him asking someone if they need a gardener. It seems that the answer from the other side is negative, as the young man keeps on asking:

“Is your present gardener professional enough?”

It seems now that whoever is on the other side of the phone is quite satisfied with their gardener since the young man keeps on pushing:
“Will you be willing to consider replacing him in the future?”

Finally, after hearing another negative reply the young man hangs up and finishes the conversation.

The store keeper feels pity for the young man and says: “I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation, young man. As an older, more experienced man let me just say that you shouldn’t worry. You are a very ambitious and I’m sure that good opportunities will soon be knocking on your door. So, cheer-up.”

The young man looks at the store keeper, smiles and says:

 “Thanx for your words of encouragement, but I’m very satisfied with this phone call. As a matter of fact, I am the gardener of this family. This was just my way of checking whether I’m good at what I’m doing. According to their answer it seems that they are quite satisfied with me and they don’t have any plans to replace me…”

(From a seminar held by Dr. Fred Broder)

Dr. Broder paused for a minute, let the story sink in with its listeners, and then concluded: “Once in a while it’s worthwhile to ask the people that we are close to – How am I doing? Ask your spouse; ask your parents, ask your kids, ask your friends. But then, just listen. Don’t be offended, don’t be defensive…just listen, absorb and then choose how to handle the information.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

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