Woman’s Day

Just recently the world celebrated the International Woman’s Day. It is an excellent opportunity to bring back this personal experience of mine that I’ve shared about 5 years ago with the then small distribution list I had, before the blog went up on the air. You may find it debatable but still interesting food for thought.

I’ll take you back 26 years. My family had grown to include 6 members and our three-bedroom apartment became too small for our needs. So, we checked our savings and our credit in the bank and we decided that we are going to improve our housing level. Well, it was not so easy. We had our hesitations, we weren’t sure where we wanted to move to, and we had all those inner struggles that we, as humans, usually go through. We didn’t make any progress for about 9 months. Needless to say, that the whole process was a trigger for many other disagreements between us, we both accused each other for being indecisive, and meanwhile we stayed in the same crowded apartment. 

Having no other choice, we had broadened our search to neighboring cities until finally we ‘landed’ on a modest house in Ra’annana that – subject to a serious face-lift – was expected to fit our exact needs and to bring peace to our lives. I led the negotiation stage with the seller, as a very experienced businessman, and despite a few ups and downs, we succeeded to conclude and signed a memorandum of understanding.

The problem appeared from an unexpected direction, which seemed at the beginning as a simple challenge – the realtor.  This young guy insisted on receiving his 2% commission from us, claiming that this is a common practice, and was not willing to budge an inch from his original position. He probably noticed, with his natural commercial senses, that we are eager to purchase the house. I thought that 1% is quite decent considering the time and efforts he had invested, and I firmly communicated that we wouldn’t buy the house. After a week of silence, my dear wife started to show some gentle signs of pressure. I told her that this is a stage of negotiation where you have to keep cool. “He’ll be back, don’t you worry”, I said knowingly.

Another week had passed. Now I had gained two opponents, the realtor and my wife. Fortunately enough, and exactly as I had assumed, after a few more days the phone rang and the realtor was on the other end of the line. He was very polite, explained that there is no logic in losing the deal and I, very generously and as a gesture to his willingness to accept my position, offered to pay a little bit more. The deal was done. My wife smiled at me and expressed words of compliment about the way I handled the whole process. There was no need for compliments; I had been familiar with my negotiation skills for a long time.

We invested in decorating the house, we moved in and our daily life became very comfortable. During the years the value of the house increased rapidly and eventually quadrupled.  No doubt, it was one of the cleverest decisions we ever took.

About a year and a half later…

…I was walking down the main street of our quiet new town and saw the young realtor. We shook hands, he asked about our family and if we are pleased with the house. I thanked him again for being so business oriented and flexible and allowing the deal to happen. 

He looked at me with a slight surprise and said, “It seems that you still don’t know.”

“What am I suppose to know that I don’t know?” I asked, trying to dig in my memory.
He pulled me to the side of the walkway and quietly said, “Let me tell you something, big shot, now after a year it’s about time that you’ll know. A week after we stopped talking your wife called me. ‘Shuka is stubborn’, she said, ‘so you’d better call him and accept his terms. We like the house and I’m not going to lose it. I’ll pay you the difference.’ So you see, wise guy, without your wife, you would’ve still been living in your old 3 bedroom apartment!”

And as for the moral of this personal story, you should choose it for yourselves. Either how to put your ego aside or how to be persistent in reaching for your goals or just the importance of reading the road map and being in real action, or anything else that you choose.

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Shuka, from Verona, Italy
Thursday, March 24, 2011.

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Shuka, how could you not have known, behind every successful man, is a woman!

Thank you for a lovely read that brought a huge smile to my face- I did not see this coming. Hope you are enjoying Italy.

Warm regards to you and yours,

Very neat article post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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